Wooden bowl in shape of thirteen pointed star with condiment holder.

Place details: SE ASIA. Philippines / Northern Luzon [Nueva Viscaya]. Cultural Group: South-eastern Asia, Ifugao: Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / ?. Processes: Carved / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 245 mm Field Collector: [Mrs Turnbull's son, name unknown] When Collected: By 1913 Other Owners: Mrs Turnbull PRM Source: Mrs Turnbull Acquired: Purchased November 1913 Related Collections: Kunstkamera, St Petersburg

KEYWORD: Bowl / Food Accessory / CLASS: Food and Drink / Vessel / ?.

Research notes: There are also some Mrs Turnbull pieces which came in via Henry Balfour in 1939 see 1938.34.509 and 1938.34.510 [AP 23/6/2000]