Model of double outrigger boat.

Place details: SE ASIA. Philippines / Manila Pasig River. Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Bamboo Plant / Palm Spathe Leaf Plant / Wood Plant / Cotton Yarn Plant / ?. Processes: Carved / Glued / ?. Dimensions: L = 435 mm W = 136 mm Field Collector: John Fiot Lee Pearse Maclear HMS Flying Fish When Collected: 1885 Other Owners: John Fiot Lee Pearse Maclear Julia Maclear PRM Source: Julia Maclear Acquired: Donated September 1909

KEYWORD: Model / Boat / Canoe Outrigger / CLASS: Navigation / Model / ?.

Object description: Model of double outrigger boat. The boat has a wooden hull. Two pieces of bamboo are attached as outriggers. The central body of the boat has a canopy of palm spathe. Inside the boat are two lengths of bamboo. [MJD 26/01/2015]

Research notes: This boat was studied by Roderick Stead, Research Student at University of Southampton, on 16 January 2015. He noted this type of boat is a log boat. It is unusual to have side boards along the top of the sides. It is also unusual to see splayed outriggers, not parallel to the hull. It looks like it is for river use. Paddles and poles can be used to move the boat. Sea faring boats usually have outriggers square to the hull and have a sail. It is unusual to have an added floor in this type of boat. Stead suggested the boat may be a model of a passenger ferry. [MJD 16/01/2015]