Torque decorated with flattened silver globes with rosettes with blue glass stones, a central cube with red and green glass stones and silver discs. [El.B 'DCF 2004-2006 What's Upstairs?' 19/4/2005]

Place details: ASIA. Pakistan / Balochistan province Kalat Kalat-e Baluch. Cultural Group: Brahui Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Silver Metal / Stone / Gilt Metal / Glass / ?. Processes: Gilded / ?. Dimensions: Max Diam = 147 mm Field Collector: Dorothy Mary Mackay When Collected: By 1945 Other Owners: Wife of Daoud Mohammed; Dorothy Mary Mackay PRM Source: Dorothy Mary Mackay Acquired: Loaned February 1945

KEYWORD: Neck Ornament / CLASS: Ornament / ?.