Blackened face mask with distorted features characteristic of gangosa, associated with ekpo masquerade [ZM 12/12/2013]

Place details: W AFRICA. Nigeria / Southeastern Nigeria Cross River region Cross River State Aro region. Cultural Group: Ibibio: Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / Pigment / Plant Fibre / ?. Processes: Carved / Painted? / Stained? / Perforated / ?. Colour: Black Dimensions: Max H = 348 mm Max W = 220 mm Max D = 122 mm Field Collector: W.E. Aston-Smith When Collected: By 1936 Other Owners: W.E. Aston-Smith PRM Source: W.E. Aston-Smith per Marjorie Perham Acquired: Donated February 1936

KEYWORD: Mask / CLASS: Mask / Dance / Religion / Ritual and Ceremonial / ?.

Object description: Wooden mask with carved openings for the eyes. Human facial features with distorted mouth and nose. Hole in the wood on one cheek unclear whether this is intentional or damage. There is a row of holes around the sides and top of the mask. Blackened on the inner and outer surfaces. [ZM 17/05/2013]