Face mask with distorted features features, fangs and horns. [ZM 14/05/2013]

Place details: W AFRICA. Nigeria / Southeastern Nigeria Cross River region Cross River State Aro region. Cultural Group: Ibibio: Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Wood Plant / Pigment / Metal / ?. Processes: Carved / Stained / Polished / Perforated / Nailed / ?. Colour: Black Dimensions: Max L = 333 mm Max W = 208 mm Max D = 68 mm Field Collector: W.E. Aston-Smith When Collected: By 1936 Other Owners: W.E. Aston-Smith PRM Source: W.E. Aston-Smith per Marjorie Perham Acquired: Donated February 1936

KEYWORD: Mask / CLASS: Mask / Dance / Ritual and Ceremonial / Religion / ?.

Object description: Wooden mask with four pointed teeth, horns, right-angle nose and lozenge shape carved in relief on forehead. Carved openings for the eyes and just under the nose. A row of holes carved all around the edge of the mask. Blackened and polished on the outer surface. A piece of the wood at the top of the back of the mask has been nailed on. [ZM 14/05/2013]

Research notes: Jill Salmons examined this mask during a consultation visit to look at the Ibibio masks on 9 January 2014 and noted the following: The facial distortion of the nose represents gangosa. The open panel on the forehead was probably to put herbs etc in when the mask was in use. The accession entry information where it states Aro and then a space is probably meant to be the area Arochukwu where many masks etc were deposited during the colonial era. [ZM 17/03/2014]