Cane fish-trap. [LM 01/05/2007]

Place details: ASIA. India / Nagaland Shiong . Cultural Group: Konyak Naga Local Name: Unknown. Materials: Cane Plant / ?. Processes: Twined Woven / Basketry / ?. Dimensions: Max L = 724 mm Max W = 267 mm Field Collector: ?Henry Balfour When Collected: ?By 1939 Other Owners: ?Henry Balfour PRM Source: ?Henry Balfour Acquired: Found unentered 1994

KEYWORD: Trap / Fishing Accessory / CLASS: Fishing / Basketry / ?.

Publications history, trails & websites: Illustrated with a line drawing in the leaflet 'Basketry in The Pitt Rivers Museum', devised by Felicity Wood with the Oxfordshire Basketmakers, 2001. It is also featured on the website www.basket.prm.ox.ac.uk [JN 14/11/2001]

Illustrated in colour on page 12 of Particularly Ravishing Morsels: Recipes from Around the World Inspired by the Collections, by The Friends of the Pitt Rivers Museum (no place [Oxford], no publisher [Friends of the Pitt Rivers Museum], no date [2007]). It is used to illustrate a recipe for 'Cullen Skink' by Liz Yardley and is captioned 'Konyak Naga fish trap, India. 1994.3.1' [El.B 29/04/2008]